Character and asset modelling

Once we had the character designs and animatic in place we moved onto the production side of the project, each of use had several objects to model. Matt McDyre worked on modelling Kimmy, Hannah Turkington modelled the alarm clock and Hannah Loughridge worked on the monster. While i was waiting for character models to be blocked out in shape so i could begin creating some proxy rigs for early animation, i worked on modelling some assets for the room. During the modelling phase i quickly jumped to rigging early on.

assest modelling

gas can model – episode one – modelled from reference

The gas can also needed to be rigged in order for Kimmy to interact with it in the end of the first episode. The cap was made using a spline cry drive at both ends with the middle of the spline being used to drive the centre of the curve.

pizza box model – episode one – modelled from reference

 keyboard and mouse model – episode one – modelled from reference

window model – episode one – modelled from reference

Set Dressing

Once the team had enough models created we began by placing the objects in the room in order to start building are scenes. I put together the first pass of the scene, which was then passed over to Hannah Turkington as our layout artist to refine and create what you see in the final version. we had several problems with the layout of the room, we kept getting feedback when we showed people early versions that there was something off about how the composition worked. The final version came about with some feedback from discussion within our class as well as feedback from Mike Bass.

early versions of room layout

room layout: myself

versions of room layout after feedback 


layout: Hannah Turkington      Modelling : Hannah Loughridge, Matt McDyre, Hannah Turkington, Myself

final layout and render


The room is created from 3D models which are then projection mapped by Matt McDyre using his textures in order to create are hand drawn toon effect.

rendered example of a one of the projection maps