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Episode 1 (WIP)

Episode 2

The Team

Matt McDyre – Director/Animator –

Hannah Loughridge – Animator –

Hannah Turkington – Compositor  –

Looking Back

Sadly with episode 1 we over reached. I personally am disappointed that we got so close to achieving are grand goal but just fell short due to time. We know where we went wrong in terms of management and certain things that could not be avoided such as other assignment deadlines slowing progress down.

I am proud that we were able to achieve so much by attempting two short animations and almost finishing both. We were unable to edit the final episode together to the standard that it deserved. The main issue we had with the full project was how far we were trying to push animation and sadly we didn’t have the time to go as extreme as we would of like .

Personally looking back there is a lot i have learned in terms of technical skills in this project that i wish to develop further such as my coding ability and developing scripts and tools for the team. Looking at the rigs i produced at the start of the semester to the rigs that in which we are ending with is a huge jump in quality. In terms of teamwork i have developed through peer critique and learning how to cater my work to suit the needs of my team. Looking back there is still plenty i would love to fix and take further such as the issues with Kimmys hips, that i ran out of time to fix due to the need to start animation and some twist issues with her shoulders.

All in all i am extremely happy with what i have learnt this semester and what as a team we have produced, we set out to achieve a style and look and managed to pull it off and finish one episode out of a ambitious two. I am proud that rigs that i have worked on managed to make it this far and produce a lot of nice animation, although credit has to go to the guys for pulling those animations off as they allow me to showcase my work in the best possible way.