Character Animation

During the process of animation my main role was to be on call 24/7 to fix any rigging bugs that might occur for the other guys in the team or to add and specific attributes or blend shapes to the rig if needed. As i was constantly jumping between rig fixes and animation my amount of time spent animating was limited but i feel that i was able to gain some amazing knowledge from the more skilled animators around me. The team really helped push me through some more tricky pieces of animation leading some tips and tricks.

Throughout the process we stuck to are animation production pipeline which was not the most advanced but seemed to work for us as a group in order to understand who was doing what and what was going on.


The Monster

The first piece of animation i was assigned to complete was to animate the monster walking in the background of episode one. I managed to complete three different variations which were presented to the group to pick a final one.

The Clock

The next piece of animation i worked on was the scene of the clock standing up. I decided to complete this scene due to the complexity of the rig i thought id be best giving it a go first to ensure everything was in working order before passing it over to be cleaned up by a more experienced animator.



The last piece of animation that i undertook was trying to make Kimmy do a wave dance. This in itself was hard as i could not preform the dance myself no matter how hard i tried. A lot of video reference from the internet and frame by frame studies were watched in order to get to the place i am now. This is still a work in progress for episode one which we are hoping to complete over the next week or so.