Aster: Robot Character Rig

One of the biggest challenges of the semester was working with Daryl, Blaine and Aidan to develop there character rig to be used for motion capture and put into Unity. This was a extreme challenge getting he rig to be usable by animators but also able to hold all the data required.

From the start i built up a simple IK/FK rig and showed Daryl my workflow, pipeline and sent him some scripts. Once i had most of the rig complete i handed it over to him to finish pieces off, while Blaine was working on a hand rig.  Meanwhile Aidan was trying to carry the motion builder to connect to the character.

The initial tries ended in small success, we were able to get a pose to transfer but couldn’t get the animation to carry across. then when we tried to bring the data into Unity the rig exploded. The exploding issue was solved by Daryl, it turns out it was a global scaling issue.

One thing that Daryl found out that i worked on was that we needed a completely clean rig to place the motion capture onto in order to bring the data across, but this motion capture rig also needed to be controlled by the animation rig.

Sadly we were unable to get the hand rig from Blaine to attach to the animation rig so i went and rebuilt his version in order to have to connect within are pipeline. The mo-cap rig was a single hierarchy rig that had zero constraints or inputs other than the straight connect from joint to joint from the animation rig.


Thankfully we were able to get everything somewhat working together although issues still arise for some things during the workflow.

Additional photos to come (awaiting finished render)


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